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Carbon Cleaner - Raw Carbon Fiber Paddle Eraser

  • EASY PADDLE CLEANING: Our soft rubber block easily removes pickleball residue, dirt, and grime from the surface of any raw carbon fiber pickleball paddle. With just a few swipes of the Carbon Cleaner, your paddle will look brand new.
  • REGAIN BALL SPIN: Removing paddle residue on the face unclogs the raw carbon fiber pours, causing more friction against the ball on impact. This brings back more ball spin, and will re-ignite your game!
  • MAKES PADDLE LOOK NEW: Keep your raw carbon fiber pickleball paddle looking fresh and new. Clean your paddle before each day of play, or between games to keep your paddle looking and performing great.
  • GOOD FOR 1000 CLEANS: Guaranteed to last for at least 1000 cleans or your money back! The long lasting rubber block will keep all of your paddles clean for a long time without wearing out. We use the highest quality rubber for max pickleball paddle cleaning!
  • WORKS ON THESE PADDLES: Professor, Joola, Six Zero,  CRBN, Vatic, Selkirk, Legacy, SLK, Electrum, Diadem, PROKENNEX, Gearbox, Ronbus and any other Raw carbon fiber faced pickleball paddles. Will not work on Fiberglass faced paddles.