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PhD PRO 16MM Raw Carbon Thermoformed Paddle + Free Cover

Ships From Miami, Florida USA!ūüáļūüáł

  • The Best Paddle Technology:¬†T700 Raw Carbon Surface, Thermoformed, Foam Injected Edge Walls, 5.5 Long Inch Handle, 16MM Polymer Core, Unibody Construction.¬†
  • Superior Control¬†& Enhanced Power + Spin: Elevate your game with the PhD Pro's Raw Carbon paddle, delivering unparalleled control¬†& spin, offering a seamless extension of your playing style.
  • Precision Engineered for Performance: Experience precision in every shot with the aerodynamically optimized flared design¬†& advanced¬†T700 Raw carbon textured surface, maximizing spin, accuracy,¬†& larger sweet spot.
  • Max¬†Durability¬†& Power: Engineered for longevity¬†& responsiveness, the Thermoformed PhD Pro's Carbon¬†Fused Edge Technology and premium honeycomb polymer core provide durability and an expanded sweet spot for consistent performance.
  • Ultimate Comfort¬†& Balanced Design:Premium feel¬†& precise control with the 3D carbon forged¬†5.5 Inch¬†& and perfectly balanced design, allowing for effortless maneuverability¬†& confidence with each shot.