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Prime 16MM Power & Control Fiberglass Paddle

Ships from Miami Florida, United States of America!
  • FIBERGLASS FACE -Made with super strong fiberglass, you'll be shocked at just how much more power your balls will get, leaving your opponents no chance.
  • PERFECTLY BALANCED - Super light yet firm feel, with the right handle length to paddle face length ratio. Every swing will feel on point & accurate.
  • LONGER HANDLE-5 1/2 Inch Handle in not to long and not to short, its just right. Easily hit a back hand with two hands if thats your style
  • 16MM THICK- The perfect thickness to get amazing power, yet still have all the precise control for perfectly placed dinks.
  • UNBEATABLE PRICE -The highest quality & best performing paddle at the lowest markuppossible you will find on the market.

Paddle Specs:

-Length: 16.5 inches

-Width: 7.5 inches

-Grip Thickness: 4.25 inches

-Handle Length: 5.5 inches

-Core Thickness: 16 millimeters